House Deconstruction – Whanake Street

In late 2022, a client approached Griffiths Construction about a demolition of a long-standing family home, this was to create a new home for the family entering into a new era.

Our Project Manager has a strong background in complex demolitions and met with the client to discuss this project.

Considerations of Project

This project had multiple complications, from access, a beloved senior family member located close to the house, and a fragile retaining wall that needed to be protected.

After hours of careful planning, we priced the work and were then awarded the job. The scope of work being presented to the client, was to deconstruct the house, from removing each part of roof iron, gib, frames, bathroom, kitchen all by hand.

Working for the Client

The asbestos was removed, then, once we had the asbestos clearance, we started the deconstruction. Floors and timber weather boards were recycled where possible. We had a 6-metre high, ticketed scaffold installed to remove the roof safely. We continued removing the roofing iron, followed by the walls, the fittings and fixtures and then the floor, and lastly the piles.

There was no access for a large truck or skip bins, so we decided the best course of action was loading a 3-tonne truck with demolition waste and transporting it down the narrow driveway to a large 8-wheeler truck, though this was time consuming, it was the most productive way of removing the waste.

Upon all demolition being removed from site, we completed a detailed cleanup of the new blank canvas location, this included cleaning the driveway from any potential dust or debris.


The client was ecstatic with the results, the job was completed in less than 2 weeks, the health and safety guidelines where exceeded, and most importantly the senior family member at the young age of 92, hardly noticed we were there. A great result and a really rewarding achievement for Griffiths Construction.