Repiling, Decking & House Repairs – Grafton Rd

This project involved carrying out repairs to an existing home on Grafton Road in Roseneath. All the work had been identified during a pre-purchase building inspection and subsequent engineers report. The home was down 113 steps, which added the challenge of everything being carried by hand to and from the worksite.

Below is a list of all the work Griffiths Construction completed on this project:

Damaged Concrete Retaining Wall

Break back concrete.
Remove spoil.
Remove rust from pipe and treat.
Reinstate wall.

House Timber Piles (X4)

Support and prop floor.
Remove old piles.
Dig new pile holes.
Install new piles (including bracing and concreting).
Fix new piles to bearers.

Damaged Concrete Wall at Stairs

Remove unwanted vegetation (disposed of off-site).
Cut down existing concrete wall.
Break up wall and remove rubble.
Construct and secure new hand rail.

Concrete Foundation Wall – Under Deck & New Deck Piles

Create bench area for access.
Prop existing deck.
Demolish wall and remove all rubble.
Dig pile holes.
Install new posts.
Fix posts to deck.

Build New Deck & Repair Timber Car Deck

Remove 2 adjoining decks (mismatched levels and very worn).
Install 1 piece deck.
Inspect all bolts on car deck (all corroded bolts replaced with stainless steel).
Replace all existing nail plates with stainless steel versions.


Remove damaged floor section and bath tub.
Repair all water damage.
Replace bath and make good surrounds.
Install new floor.