Seismic Strengthening Upgrade – Karori Mall

In mid-2022, we were engaged to complete the seismic strengthening on Karori mall.

Considerations of Project

This project had some delicate pressure points, with the mall staying live, and the public being very loyal and interested to what is happening to their community  mall.

Griffiths Construction were successful on the competitive tender for this job and there were a number of trades that were important cogs to complete this job successfully and on time.

The project required Helifix being drilled through the existing brickwork and into the concrete substrate. Some of these areas however had their challenges, from access issues, traffic management requirements, asbestos and demolition work, prior to preforming the Helifix installations.

Working for the Client

We completed the asbestos removal at night time to isolate the disruption and demolition works was completed,  followed by mapping out the areas required to be strengthened and then installing of the Helifix devices. 

Following the Helifix installation, we undertook testing using a specialised calibrated tester, to ensure the Helifix would perform in a natural disaster. All tests preformed.

Lastly we completed the plasterboard installation, level 4 plaster work and painting, in multiple locations throughout the mall. With all work successfully completed we were ready to hand back the mall, and let the community that is so fond of it back in. 


We completed this job in 8 weeks, within the budget allocated and to an impeccable standard. All communication between the client and our Project Management Team was flawless, and the completed work speaks for itself.