Telecom NZ Site Builds – North Island

Griffiths Construction has recently completed the construction of a number of cell phone towers for Telecom New Zealand. These sites were located all over the North Island, such as Avalon, Otaki and ‘roadside’ projects in Palmerston North.

Project scope

While Palmerston North required an onsite traffic management policy and the construction at Avalon had to undertake special environmental precautions to ensure the pristine conditions of the surrounding golf course were maintained, we considered all the projects routine civil construction and assembly work except the project at Otaki.

Complicating factors and solutions at Telecom NZ Otaki site

There were a number of factors that made this project practically challenging.

This was the first cell phone tower construction utilising Telecom’s own specific design. As you can see by the photos, both the cell phone mast and the cabinet and its foundation are non-standard design.

This work highlighted the flexibility that Griffiths Construction brings to every project. We were able to adapt while working onsite, this ensured the quality of the completed construction was to the exacting detail of the Telecom plans. We were also in constant communication with the consulting engineers during every phase to minimise any unnecessary downtime and avoid potential complications.

This design required a host of steel fabrication, including the large Telecom shelter and the web-forged stairs for access. The structural steel work also had to be included into the shelters foundations due to its size.