Transpower Tower Foundation Strengthening

Stage 1 to 4 (2005 – 2007)

This project won the 2007 New Zealand Engineering Excellence Awards Supreme Award. We are proud to have been associated with this project.

Project scope

This project involved upgrading the foundations on transmission line towers in the upper South Island. The route covered 450km of network with much of the line passing through the remote and wild high country from Hanmer to St Arnaud. Griffiths played a major part in this undertaking.

Complicating factors and solutions

Isolated work sites, minimal access, rough terrain, very limited communications service, extreme weather conditions, delicate ecology and work near live lines all presented challenges that were overcome. This included our staff attending training courses by Transpower so they could safely work around the base of the towers, using satellite phones, careful planning and logistics and an awareness by the team of all the environmental factors including the weather that could adversly affect safety or the outcome of the project. The judges of the awards were particularly impressed by the calibre of the technical and logistical management over such an extended site.


In his report to the Dept of Conservation following an audit of the environmental impact and practices of the contractors on site, consultant Ian Alach noted, “Griffiths demonstrated great professionalism in their operation and seemed easily able to meet the conservation requirements”.